Our Services

Tarjama offers a one-stop experience for all your linguistic requests. In addition to the responsiveness, quality and consistency that we offer our clients, we guarantee you privacy and complete confidentiality. 

Our team assigns a project manager to oversee every request we receive from our clients from start to finish. The project manager pairs you with a translation/editing team in your industry to ensure that precise terminology is used in whatever language you choose.

Following is a list of the services we offer. Please contact us for more information regarding our services.


Converting your text into the target language of your choice, including final editing and proofreading.


Checking and adjusting your existing text to produce a correct, consistent, accurate and complete work.

Copywriting/Creative Writing

Revitalizing existing material based on your vision, your brand and related references.


Transforming your audio content to text.


Working with local teams to ensure your content is suitable for a specific location, culture or country and to make adjustments where necessary.


Adapting content to be usable on another medium (a story to a video game, for example) or for another audience (from adults to children, for example).


Covering your high-level consecutive and simultaneous interpretation requests, regardless of language or industry.


Handling all your design-related needs. We support company branding or rebranding, infographics design, localizing pre-existing artwork, or creating original artwork.


Checking your existing text in any language for spelling or grammatical errors or missing words.


Translating a text with the intent of preserving its creative and emotional intent while allowing it to resonate with other cultures and in other languages.

Content Creation

Generating original content, specially designed for your service, product, or business. This ranges from creating SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content to help generate more traffic to your website, to creating original audio-visual content for your various marketing and business purposes.