Our High Impact Business Model

At Tarjama, we believe that women’s empowerment and education are key to our region’s sustainability and economic growth.

Our business model utilizes a unique approach that ensures we adhere to the highest standards of translation while meeting our development goals. It involves working with universities and development organizations to outreach, train, hire and promote women who otherwise might not have been able to enter the workforce at all. This has led us to not only employ the largest network of Arabic-speaking female translators in the world, but ensure that women have marketable, income-generating skills, whatever path they pursue.

In this manner, Tarjama directly addresses the Arab World’s ‘Gender Paradox’ – a phenomena which is unique to the Arab region, where women are highly educated, yet lag behind the rest of the world when it comes to their participation in the workforce. Our business model is simple, but we believe it is the secret behind our success.