About Us

Tarjama understands that to compete in today’s global market, businesses must transcend geographical barriers and reposition their products and services into a variety of linguistic and cultural contexts.

Tarjama, the Arabic word for translation, works with a vast network of translators, editors and linguists around the world, well-situated to meet all of your translation and content needs. Our employees are hired in different time zones and on multiple shifts to ensure we are able to respond to our clients’ requests whenever we receive them.

Since 2007, we have translated over 40 million words in 30 languages for companies and organizations in all industries and sectors. Our headquarters are strategically placed in the United Arab Emirates, the world’s gateway to the Middle East, and our offices extend across the region.

Number of trained women employed on a freelance basis by Tarjama
Number of women in the Arab world trained by Tarjama on translation skills